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Copyright permissions

Below is a list of known UC delegations of authority related to UC-owned copyrights.  The delegated authorities identified below can grant copyright licenses (among other things) pertaining to UC-owned copyrights within their respective jurisdictions.

If you have updates for any of the information on this page, please email us at Please note that this email address is not an appropriate means for seeking copyright permission.

UC delegations of authority for copyright permissions

Delegation of authority documents

Contact information

UC Berkeley
Delegation of authority documents are available from Compliance Services.


For the 4/1/2014 delegation document:
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances
(Carol Mimura)
Contact Information

For the 9/30/13 delegation document:
Director, Business Contracts and Brand Protection
(Maria Rubenshteyn)
Contact Information

For the 4/23/12 delegation document:
University Librarian
(Jeffrey MacKie-Mason)
Contact Information

UC Davis
Delegation of authority documents are available from the Administrative Policy site.

For the 1/18/2005 delegation document:
Vice Chancellor, Finance Operations and Administration
(Kelly Ratliff)
Contact Information

For the 1/25/05 delegation document:
Executive Director of Technology Transfer
(William Tucker)
Contact Information

UC Irvine
Delegation of authority documents are available from Irvine’s Official University Policies & Procedures site.

Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director of Applied Innovation
(Richard Sudek)

Senior Director, Licensing, Invention Transfer Group
(Ronnie Hanecak)

Director, Intellectual Property Administration
(Kevin Kennan)

Staff listing for Applied Innovation
Consult the
UCI Directory for contact information

Delegation of authority documents are available from UCLA’s Delegations of Authority page.

For DA 230.3:
University Librarian
(Virginia Steel)
Contact Information

For DA 230.08:
Deputy Director, School of Law Library
(Kevin Gerson)
Contact Information

For DA 230.09:

  • Vice Chancellor for Research
    (Ann Karagozian)

  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Executive Director of Entrepreneurship
    (Amir Naiberg)

  • Technology Transfer Officer (Emily Waldron Loughran, Senior Director of Licensing & Strategic Alliances)

  • Technology Development Group staff listing

  • UCLA Directory

UC Merced
Delegation of authority documents are available on the UC Merced Policies and Procedures site.

University Librarian
(Haipeng Lee)
Contact Information

UC Riverside
Delegation of authority documents are available on the
UC Riverside Delegations of Authority page.

Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Services
(Ron T. Coley)
Contact Information

University Librarian
(Steven Mandeville-Gamble)
Contact Information

UC San Diego
Delegation of authority documents are available from UCSD Resource Management & Planning. They can only be viewed by registered users.

  • 10/6/1998 UCSD DA1972 delegates authority to the Director of Technology Transfer.

Key Contact: Associate Director, Technology Transfer
(William J. Decker)

Contact Information

Specific authority to license copyrights has been delegated to all innovation and commercialization managers.

Delegation of authority documents are available from the Campus Administrative Policies page.

No delegation about copyright or intellectual property has been posted.

Innovation, Technology & Alliances
Executive Director, Technology Management
(Karin Immergluck)
Contact Information

UC Santa Barbara
2/13/2003 “Redelegation of Contract Authority for Copyright Licensing Agreements” available on request from UCSB. See the UCSB Delegations of Authority page for contact information.

Director, Office of Technology & Industry Alliances
(Sherylle Mills Englander)
Contact Information

UC Santa Cruz
Delegation of authority documents are available from the UCSC Delegations page.

Vice Chancellor for Research
(Scott Brandt)

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research - Industry Alliances and Technology Commercialization
(Mohamed Abousalem)


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Chief Technology Transfer Officer
(Elsie Quaite-Randall)
Contact Information

Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Marketing Director
(Cynthia Kintigh)
Contact Information

UC Office of the President
For works created centrally at the Office of the President, rather than at one of the campuses or labs.

Head of Strategic Partnerships & APAC General Manager, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
(Victoria Slivkoff)
Contact Information